Ukurugenzi (Saw this on reddit)

Ukurugenzi is a Kenyan boy who walks 11 miles each day to his mud-hut school.  With your donation of just $0.25, we’ll buy a whip to get that lazy nigger to run.

Ukurugenzi has a friend who lost an arm and a leg in a bombing. Despite this, he manages to ride his bike to shool each day  With your donation of just $0.50, we’ll tape it and send the video to you. It’s hilarious.


Sorry for not submitting in a while, here’s a great one!

What are the two worst parts of being a black jew?

1.  You can’t count all the money you take
2.  You have to sit in the back of the oven


Who’s driving

Q. A black guy, a Mexican and a Puerto Rican are riding in a cop car. Who’s driving?

A. The cop



What’s pink and silver and bumps into walls?

A toddler with forks in its eyes!



How many L.A. cops does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they just beat the room up for being black!


Just to black

What’s long and black?

The unemployment line


sorry about this ;)

what’s 18 inches long, stiff and makes women scream at night?

Cot death


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what do you call a black woman who’s had 20 abortions?

A crime fighter


Should have tried for a threesome…

"I can’t believe that you shagged my sister last night," screamed my girlfriend, "What the hell were you thinking?"

I said, “Babe, you are so much sexier than your sister.”

"Oh really?" she asked.

I said, “Yes, that’s what I was thinking.”